Saturday, September 19

What Do I Need to Learn To Be A Good Community Manager?

This is a great question. Community management is such a broad role, It’s really hard to package it. Also, community management is a distinct role in different industries. The things you’re going to do every day are going to vary but your objectives should be the same. Your goals as a community manager are:

6 Steps to Getting Organized

One of my high school teachers once told me I was disorganized. I corrected her and said “I live in organized chaos.” That was fun in high school, weird in college but now that I’m an adult, it just doesn’t work. #HumbleBrag I have a lot more responsibility than my 22-year-old self–although I’m sure a lot of us can say that.

Email Marketing 301: Keeping it Simple….

A few weeks ago I put together an overview of how to get started with email marketing, the beginning of a seven part series on email marketing. In my third post, I’ll share some pointers on how to keep things short and simple.

The Red Wedding: A Roundup

This weekend was bloody. Those fans of the Song of Ice and Fire series knew that Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones would end in a bloodbath, but I didn’t expect the awesome follow up from the internets. Here’s some of the great finds from this week’s Game of Thrones Episode, “the Rains of Castemere”.

Email Marketing 101: You and Your Users

Email is an incredibly versatile and valuable tool to add to your marketing arsenal. It has been called “the World’s Greatest Marketing Tool” by some for its ability to provide invaluable metrics for measuring influence. This is my first post in a 7-part series on Email Marketing.