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Email Marketing 301: Keeping it Simple….

A few weeks ago I put together an overview of how to get started with email marketing, the beginning of a seven part series on email marketing. In my third post, I’ll share some pointers on how to keep things short and simple.

There’s a lot of information we’d like to share with people, but often there’s too much to share! With email you need to take TL;DR very seriously. Making your emails concise and easily readable in different formats in instrumental to getting your call to actions (CTAs) heard. To show you how to do it, I’ve kept these tips short!

Keep email sections under 2 paragraphs or 200 words: There’s nothing scientific about this, but you should keep email sections short. Email marketing conveys a CTA, and it’s more important to get your readers to complete the call to action aka click a link!

Link to more complex content: This helps you save valuable real estate for “call to actions”. For example:

Learn more about Motor, the Asynchronous Driver for MongoDB and Python.

This works best for videos and blog posts! Watch your clickthru rates soar!

Use bullet points for your CTAs: Just like I’ve done here! You can also create beautiful buttons for your emails or find free ones online. My favorite free designer is Cute Little Factory. Check out his Moustache Buttons. This might be a good call to action for Movember!

Add in social media icons: If you have a lot to say, you don’t need to say it all in an email. Add in some icons that link to your blog and social media channels. I told David Mytton, founder of Server Density, to try this for his monthly newsletter and within a few minutes of sending it out, he already had 12 new followers.

One last thing to keep in mind: the shorter the better. Lower the barrier to entry to get to your content and you’ll be a winner. All that in under 330 words!